Criminal Justice Is The Study Of Criminals And Crimes Essay

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Criminal justice is the study of criminals and crimes. Some people choose criminal justice as their major for many different reasons. Criminal justice plays a huge part in our society. Some choose it for job security, and some even choose it because of how it’s shown on TV, but even though criminal justice requires a lot of education, people still choose it as a major.
In the field of criminal justice, the jobs are endless. Three of the jobs are police officers, lawyers, and judges. The first job in the criminal justice field, is police officer. A police officer is a man or woman who investigate crimes, arrests people, and enforce the laws of the community. A police officer has different duties that they have to do. Whether it’s testifying in court or issuing citations, it’s the police officers job to keep the community and their selves safe. Another job in the criminal justice field, is a lawyer. A lawyer is a person who studies and or practices law. A lawyers duties revolve around their clients. Lawyer’s duties go from talking to their clients to giving legal advice to their clients. The final job in the criminal justice field is, a judge. A judge is a person who makes decisions in cases that are of the court of law. A judge has a lot of different duties they have to do. Their duties range from interpreting the law to being the important decision maker in a court case. Many TV shows stretch the truth of criminal justice. Law&Order:SVU, Criminal minds and NCIS are a few…

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