Criminal Justice And The Civil Justice System Essay

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"The clock has been turned back on racial progress in America, though scarcely anyone seems to notice." (Alexander 2012: 180) Criminal justice inequality has a toll on every possible chance given throughout future lives. The chances of getting a home and having a family may vary. Most importantly criminal justice affects the amount of wealth someone can accumulate to achieve these future goals.
It is a scary thought to think that young black men being trapped in the criminal justice system has just become a "norm" in society. This is shown through Alexander as she brings in that, "White drug offenders are rarely arrested, and when they are, they are treated more favorably at every stage of the criminal justice process" (Alexander 2012: 189) Thus causing others to end up in a prison ward with an unequal sentencing. Blacks were more likely to be in jail while they were on trial, even after committing to their crimes and accepting their sentence. This is because they would not be able to afford their bail amount and they are less likely to be released on a light sentence than others. This is what leads to the family having a harder time with their wealth because they have to find multiple jobs to figure out how they would find an attorney for this member, and also would worry for that member in the future because of this newly created record that has been attached to them. Golash-Boza (2015) also brings in from Race & Racisms that she believes “racial profiling” to be one of…

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