Structural Inequality In The Judicial System

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Structural Inequality
This country we call United States of America has been racially divided for many years. Ever since the beginning of slavery and still we are still dealing with these same issues in the twenty first century. Crime and punishment have provided some of the most powerful symbols of the racial divide in America’s judicial system. Looking back at some of those who are and has been incarcerated to harsh crime it will shows that African American or Hispanic males rates are higher than any other race. Not to mention we the public see this racial division in our prison but throughout the judicial system as well. The Judicial System is consist of mostly white jurors, white judges, and white attorneys. African American are out-numbered
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The commission found that African American males are 25% less likely than Caucasian males to received a sentence way below the sentencing guidelines.(Hansen, 2013). The sentencing can be due to the fact there are many African American males that are being stereotyped. Black males are stereotyped of being aggressive, violent, thieves, lazy, and ignorant. This reminds me of back in the days during the slavery times and it shows that this beautiful country still has lots of old baggage we are trying to deal with. The slavery time still exist it is such as sad thing to say. The fact that the issues and stereotyped are so deeply rooted this can lead to racial profiling amongst the African American people by the law enforcement. "Racial profiling" refers to the targeting of particular individuals by law enforcement authorities based not on their behavior, but rather their personal characteristics. One event that left a big impact on the African American community of racial profiling made the headlines all around the country was about a 17-year-old black boy by the name of Trayvon Martin, he was shot and killed by a 28-year-old mixed-raced Hispanic neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman. He was walking to his father’s home with a black hoodie on his head minding his business of course the neighborhood …show more content…
Administrative and investigative emphases of law enforcement, median income, economic conditions, poverty level, job availability including family structure can affect crime. Family dynamics can be the number one issues that leads to crime population among Blacks. . According to The Prevention Institute stressful family environments, such as role modeling of inappropriate behavior, conflict in the home, lack of fathers in the home, inadequate parenting skills, and poor communication can contribute to a child’s feelings of worthlessness which can ultimately lead to violence. Economics issues can lead to people become desperate to provide for their household. That is another great factor that is a concern in the African American population. Such issues may and will lead to poverty, high unemployment rate, lack of education (i.e. high school dropout) and lack of resources can create someone to be hopeless among both the youth and adults. In most low-income areas there are not enough support services available to youth both inside and outside of schools. Low income family contributes to an increased likelihood of becoming involved in violence act or

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