Criminal Investigations Exam Essay

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CDROM CRM225 Midterm Exam 50 Questions 1 hour and 30 min. to complete

1. A crime laboratory can help in answering which of the following questions? D

a. whether a crime has been committed b. who committed the crime c. who could not have committed the crime d. all of the choices are correct

2. A handgun used in a murder is recovered by a diver. Which of the following should be used to develop any latent prints? C

a. SPR b. Amido Black c. SuperGlue d. Basic Yellow 40

3. After interviewing the victim of a crime and two witnesses, and examining the crime scene and the physical evidence, you use all of this information as a basis for developing a unifying and
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d. monthly or at the request of the unit supervisor.

18. The "large view" of the crime scene, such as the victim's body, cars, and buildings is referred to as the: D

a. micro scene. b. minute scene. c. protected scene. d. macroscopic scene.

19. The actions taken at the crime scene immediately following the detection and reporting of the crime constitute the: D

a. essential part of police work. b. follow-up investigation. c. cold search. d. preliminary investigation.

20. The Crime Classification Manual used to identify motivational models for the classification of homicide was developed by the: A

a. FBI. b. Secret Service. c. Custom's Department. d. Drug Enforcement Administration.

21. The due process clause is found in which of the Bill of Rights? C

a. First Amendment b. Fourth Amendment c. Fifth Amendment d. Tenth Amendment

22. The face of a basic incident report would typically include information regarding all of the following except: A

a. continuation investigation. b. type of crime. c. the complainant. d. the witnesses.

23. The first country to use fingerprints as a system of criminal identification was: C

a. India. b. France. c. China. d. England.

24. The first modern detective

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