Essay on Criminal Investigation On Identity Theft

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2. Assess how you would investigate identity theft. Unit 3. Having personal information on one’s identity stolen for fraudulent purposes, known as identity theft, is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. The criminals that conduct this type of crime are also the most difficult to apprehend and incarcerate because they usually never make personal contact with the victims. Everyday activities such as selling an old computer, filling the car up with gas, going out to eat, or simply taking out one’s trash can result in identity theft. For that reason, identity theft is easier to prevent than prosecute. The objectives of a criminal investigation on identity theft are gathering evidence, affecting an arrest of the criminal, collecting and presenting evidence, and providing testimony for the purpose of a conviction in court (Thibault, Lynch, & McBride, 2011). Just like any other criminal investigation, identity theft investigations are based on two main areas: (1) the preliminary investigation which is conducted by police officers normally in the patrol divisions and (2) the follow up investigation which is conducted by individuals normally in the detective section of a police agency and are trained in investigative techniques (Thibault et al., 2011). In the preliminary investigation, the police officer receives a complaint via dispatch and responds to the victim. The police officer understands in regards to a complaint of identity theft that it is very…

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