Crime Television Show

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Houda Ouardi CRJU 3000-1
Crime Television Show
The crime television show that I watched was a Moroccan one. The offender in this show was a homicide detective. When the show first started, the detective was a widow who had a daughter that was 12 years old. The offender was 43 years old at this time. He got married at 28 years old to girl whom he grew up with and loved unconditionally. About three years later, the couple had their first child, Selma. Six years later, the offender caught his wife cheating on him with another man. He ended up murdering his wife but didn’t get caught until seven years later. His position, experience and knowledge of how to not leave evidence behind left everyone in despair of who murdered his wife. Right after the murder of his wife, the offender moved cities
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She cheated on him and that detonated him to want to murder all women and that’s how he expressed his hate for females. The moment that he caught his wife cheating on him was the turning point for him to cause him to become delinquent and go down a negative path. I wouldn’t say that the self-control theory applies to this crime simply because this offender had self-control a young set age. He turned out to be quite successful prior to getting married and a couple of years after marriage. He was able to become a detective so that should stand for some type of self-control. However, the developmental theory or life course theory would best suit this crime. This offender had a life changing onset, which was the infidelity of his wife to cause him to grow this anger and hate for women and kill them. He caught what he knew to be the love of his life cheating on him which caused him to emotionally shatter into pieces. But because of his job occupation, skills and background knowledge, he never desisted to stop because he never got caught until the end and by that time, it was too

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