Crime Control Strategies In The Criminal Justice System

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The criminal justice system is constructed of various agencies with explicit procedures that are used to control and diminish crimes, along with, implementing penalties on those who are in violation of the laws. Since the seventeenth-century, society and the criminal justice system has manifested based on our evolution. During that era, the criminal justice system focused primarily on punishment rather than deterrence. The criminal justice system was not as complex and intricate as it is today. Since the founding of our Country and the creation of the United States Constitution, our government has created substantial amounts of legislative materials, including, laws and regulations, in order to ensure due process and minimize criminal acts …show more content…
(The National Sheriffs ' Association). Neighborhood Watch programs have prevailed in reducing crime with the help of law enforcement agencies educating and promoting awareness to local communities on the various aspects of crime and prevention. Law enforcement officers cannot effectively protect their communities and citizens without the support and cooperation of the citizens it serves. Citizens have an imperative role in preventing the typical crimes that occur within their neighborhoods, such as, property crimes, e.g.; burglaries, arson, grand theft-auto, and crimes against persons, e.g.; murder, assaults and …show more content…
Increased police presence has proven to be very effective reducing crime in general, as well as, in hot spots. Police officers will begin initiating crackdowns, i.e.; arresting offenders, issuing citations, and conducting traffic stops. There are numerous other crackdowns that police officers may use in conjunction with hot spot policing. Conversely, this strategy raises the question, does the criminal activity migrate to other areas that are not considered hot spots? Strategies such as these are not meant to be universal, or simply- a one size fits all approach, but rather another crime control strategy that other agencies can implement in their

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