Crime And Catch Fenders Essay

1170 Words Mar 13th, 2016 null Page
Crime is all around us, but, contrary the general public, we encounter it daily as members of the law enforcement community. Our job is to do our best in preventing crime and catching the offenders that slip through our crime prevention methods. The following questions often come up: Are our current methods the best? If not, how can we continue to improve our practices to eradicate crime and catch the offenders? Police strategies are, inherently, reactive, but, recently, the law enforcement community has initiated the development of proactive strategies to efficiently eradicate crime (Groff et al. 2014, pg.23). Among these proactive police strategies is a rather recent practice called hot-spot policing (Groff et al. 2014, pg.23). There are a myriad of individuals who favor this practice and claim that it has an extremely positive impact on crime while others have not bought into its effectiveness (Telep, Mitchell, & Weisburd 2012, pg.905). This practice is recent enough that a majority of minor departments, and even a few major departments, have an extremely limited knowledge of it (Telep, Mitchell, & Weisburd 2012, pg.905). Even lead criminal justice researchers say there is still information we need on hot-spot policing before we implement it all across the United States (Telep, Mitchell, & Weisburd 2012, pg.905). Although there is a lack of information regarding hot-spot policing practices an estimated 7 out of 10 police departments that have at least 100 law enforcement…

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