Creative Writing: To Be An Extraordinary Woman

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Creative Writing became more of a challenging course then I expected. Throughout the writing process I found it difficult to write things which could be more relatable. My goal was to write each piece with some type of relatable aspect for someone else. I found this difficult because, the direction each piece of writing took, was different from what my thoughts were. I would have created writings which were more of a fantasy world, however, I did want the story to be believable for people who do not like fantasy. I felt it would be appropriate for me to place each writing in the order I wrote. First, the poem titled, To Be an Extraordinary Woman. This poem was inspired by “Phenomenal Woman” written by Maya Angelo. I took the first line from Phenomenal Woman and placed it as the first line in my poem. I wanted this piece to show the different difficulties I usually have with other women. Along with showing this aspect I made sure to show my own confidence. The poem inspires to be confident without worrying about what other people think of you. Throughout the revising process of this poem I found the style I used was something I wanted to keep. I did change the structure of the poem. I placed it in a freestyle …show more content…
This poem was inspired by Teaching the Ape to Write Poems by James Tate. This poem was part of the readings in class. It was also one of the very few readings in the class, I found inspiring. I found James Tate’s pome to humors. This poem reminded me to think about how it feels to write something when you don’t want to. My poem is about my feelings towards writing all of the poems for this class. It also reminds me of having to write in other class throughout my college and high school career. This poem speaks to the feeling of being forced to write something you have no heart into it. When revising this poem, I fixed a few grammar errors. I also took out a line which I felt was not

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