Creative Writing Alternate Jack and the Beanstalk Essay examples

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Episode IV: The Magical Key Jack is your normal, everyday 15 year old kid. Since he could remember, he has always had to do without many possessions in his life. But he has always been happy-go-lucky, yet somewhat careless with his thoughts and actions. They lived in a rundown apartment building in the slums, and have been selling their possessions and finding miscellaneous jobs and tasks just to make it by. Jack was down to his last few cd’s and just a couple of dvd’s, while his mother was down to her collection of Shirley Temple porcelain plates that had a lot of sentimental value, but carried a decent value. So, she sent him down to the pawn shop to sell off the remaining items they had, to be able to make it through
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She stormed off to her room, slamming the door behind her, and Jack figured that he would test what the man at the pawn shop had told him, “It works best if you rub one of the gem stones in the light of the moon.” Jack hurried off to his room, and waited until the moon light shined through his window. Jack was kind of hesitant at first, but was intrigued to find out what the key did, so without giving it a second thought, Jack rubbed the ruby… nothing happened. He decided that he was going to give it a second chance and try the emerald…again, nothing happened. Jack was upset that the key was worthless, and was in fact just as his mother told him, nothing more than a worthless key. Jack drifted off to sleep, hoping that things would be different in the morning. Jack awoke the next morning and stretched, yawned a little, and proceeded to rub his eyes. When everything came into focus, he quickly realized that he was no longer in the beat up apartment that he and his mother have been living in, but instead awoke to what seemed like a dream world. As he looked around, he could see a magnitude of colors, he could smell all kinds of food in the air, and he could even hear the sound of children laughing and playing. As he walked through what he surely thought was a dream world, he realized that he was still holding onto the key that he knew was something special. As he walked and walked and walked, he finally came upon a small building that

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