Creative Piece Of William Shakespeare 's ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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Creative Piece ~ To Kill A Mockingbird
~ Additional Chapter ~

After the tragic case that stroke Maycomb, the society that was built over prejudice, strict traditional values, and inhumanity towards justice, still haven’t tasted the change that Atticus Finch wanted to establish. Therefore, an excessive hatred was gained from Tom Robinson’s case, there was an increase within their discrimination towards everything that goes against their values. However, Atticus Finch gave up on his ambitions for change, and he basically lost his honour in the eyes of Maycomb, but that wasn’t permanent, all what Atticus needs is someone to light up the darkness that surrounds him and his children.

Part one:


“I suppose we shall call this home.”

Visenya talking to her father Robert on their first day arriving to Maycomb, along with her mother Olenna. Robert replied,

“Ayy…, but you still cannot forget your memories and your origins.”


“Something is wrong with this town, I have an urge that tells me not to stay here.” Robert:

“Homesick already?”


“…. It’s nothing, i’m having a natural feeling of being uncomfortable.”

Olenna hugged her daughter and said:

“Oh my sweet little girl, everything will be fine.”

Visenya had troubles sleeping on her first night, it wasn’t nightmares that mad her unable to sleep nor her uncomfortable feelings are bothering her badly, resulting an insomnia.

Part two:

Visenya’s family migrated from Northern Ireland to…

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