Creating Ribbon Shapes And Their Visual Variance Essay

807 Words Jan 15th, 2016 4 Pages
The creation of this piece was as much a part of it as the actual piece itself. I approached its construction from two angles, the first, in Processing, trying to corral the program into creating ribbon shapes did not pan out, and I had to find a more creative solution to getting the colors and shapes I wanted in Nodebox.
This piece was very exciting to create, I likes the idea of contagion as something that is understandable, yet chaotic, and disturbing. I chose the ribbon shapes for their visual variance, and because you have to think about each one. In my attempt to organize the spread across the randomly created ribbons I found myself unable to really predict or control that which seemed purely logical and simplistic. This is an example of bringing that organization to the front of the consciousness, and in that new sight realizing how much is yet unknown.
I am worried that the piece feels too bland and unimpactful due to the hyper organization and limited visual hooks. I was excited, after I took the project out of the automatic generation phase and into illustrator to add the pure black triangles into the center. It was a subtle touch but one that took the piece form pury the spreading of the purple, which does not feel particularly disturbing, into the dark triangles which are a similar shade to the purple. I liked the dark triangles because their not being quite centered gives a greater sense of the creepiness and less of the aspect of disease as a positive thing.…

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