Creating and Managing Effective Teams Essay

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Creating and Managing Effective Teams

Managing a team of people can be tricky, but it can be even harder when those people come from different areas in the workplace. Not knowing a fellow team member can put a strain on the ability to work together, but with the proper training, and management skills, any team can accomplish the goals set for them. For this exercise I was asked to select a team of people to search for innovative ideas that would put the automaker on the leading edge .
I selected Petra Diodorus as the Assessor- Advisor, Amrita Choudhury as the Creator, Marcell Collins as the Controller-Organizer, John Marsh as the Promoter- Maintainer, and Maria de Grassa as the Linker- Producer. I chose Petra as the Assessor-Advisor
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I feel that the team I picked will do great job if they are properly motivated, and are rewarded for their efforts. “Many studies on goal setting show that specific hard goals and feedback improve performance and finally job satisfaction, if performance is rewarded adequately” (Antoni, 2005). If I set the team goals high, give them constructive feedback during the process, and reward them for not only their efforts, but also their accomplishments, I feel the team will strive to do the best job possible. I also feel that I would consider how the team feels about each other, and how they work together as a team. I would have to address any problems that would arise with the team, and make sure everyone worked together as one. I had to address the problem of my Assessor-Advisor, Petra, not trusting the other team members to meet their deadlines, and get their work in promptly. The team feels that she was being nitpicky, and distrustful of their abilities to work efficiently. I addressed this issue by modeling a climate of trust. I attended the next team meeting, expressed my trust in the ability of all the team members to do their work efficiently, and in a timely manner. After the meeting I called Petra aside and eased her concern by letting her know that if I trust them to do their job, she could also. This would relieve her fears of the others incompetence, and free the team from her

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