Creating Alternative Sources For Establishing Culture, Memory, And Solidarity

1443 Words Nov 25th, 2014 6 Pages
Lisa Bullock
Humanities 314
Dr. Pittman
23 November 2014
Exhibiting Mestizaje In the words of Karen Mary Davalos, “Diaspora communities experience an ‘ongoing history of dis-placement, suffering, adaptation, or resistance’ that requires them to create alternative sources for establishing culture, memory, and solidarity” (Exhibiting Mestizaje, 23). In America people have to fight for their citizenship in order to be accepted by society. People of Latin cultures have it hard because they are not identified as people who are from America, even if they have American blood in them. In the novel, “Exhibiting Mestizaje” by Karen Davalos states, “ Mexicans in the United States have had to continuously negotiate their marginal status, and even those Mexicans who have aligned themselves with ‘whites’ find that they too are never completely accepted into the nation and citizenship” (23-24). In certain museums there is some artwork that would not be displayed because of what the artwork represented. For a long while artwork representing the Chicano community was neglected from public museums because that culture wasn’t a mainstream culture. In public museums all cultures should be represented, everyone’s history counts whether it is within the American culture or not. Mestizaje is a term used for people who have a racial mixture or blending. In the novel, “Exhibiting Mestizaje” by Karen Mary Davalos, she uses the term towards how practices are represented by the people of Mexican…

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