Creating A Virtual Corporate Team Essay

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The next program I would push for our HR department is to develop a virtual corporate team to prepare to go into the global market. “A virtual team is a geographically distributed, functionally and culturally diverse group of individuals who rely on interactive technology such as email, text-based chat, webcasts, and video conferencing to work together” (Mathis, 2011, p. 120). “Organizational culture develops when organizational members share knowledge and assumptions to develop ways of coping with external adaptation and intemal integration. External adaptation and survival involves (1) mission and strategy; (2) goal setting; (3) means; and (4) measurement” (McNeal, 2009, p. 125-149). The creation of this team is to give us a competitive edge as the competition increase. Faster decisions and technological advancement will be made available to the organization by the function of the virtual team. For example, we will be able to address a broad range of tasks, regarding responding to consumer sales and complaints. There are some companies today that provide support for over ten different countries. Virtual Organizations today represent a new collaboration standard in which the participating individuals share resources, services, and information to achieve a common goal. They also exemplify an attention-grabbing approach for businesses to attain new and profitable trade opportunities by being able to enthusiastically partner with other associates. It is important to select the…

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