Creating A Role By Constantin Stanislavski Essay

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Creating A Role by Constantin Stanislavski
In his book Building A Character, Constantin Stanislavski gives actors the techniques needed for creating a role. He writes that a fully realized character is born through studying, establishing the life of the role, and transforming the role into physical form. He writes on three main periods: the first being preparation, the second period is the period of emotional experience, and the third period is the embodiment of the role. He compares these periods to relationships and growth that occurs in the normal lives of human beings. The period of preparation is compared to the early courtship between two lovers, emotional experience is compared to the conception and formation of the fruit of their unions, and the embodiment of the role is compared to the birth and growth of a young being. I found this comparison interesting because we see and experience relationships and growth in life. This comparison enabled me to easily understand his techniques as I could relate them with my personal experiences and the experiences of other people.
The first idea I took from this book is about the importance of creating a relationship with script and the process of analyzing the script so that actors can improve their understanding of the roles they play. Actors must know a lot about their character and their personality. They should also ask themselves how they would act if they were the character they were playing. It shows that although some…

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