Creating A More Secure Business Environment Essay

1540 Words Aug 12th, 2015 7 Pages
When you have a website you need the best Website security because you don’t want to hear these words “your website is down” “Data is lost” all because a hacker corrupted the website. The nightmare happens all too often with hackers in this day and age because it seems like everything gets hacked. Having a website hacked can mean loss of sales especially when it’s with an online grocery store.
The business world is increasingly dependent on technology to supply information and communications facilities to staff, partners, and customers. Securing organizational information and the systems that are used to manage and transmit data has become a high profile function. Failure to secure information can have a severe impact on business credibility. Fears to an organization come in a variety of forms, for example from hacking, viruses, and simple human error. The types of threats change constantly, so management must sponsor, design, and implement business and technical processes to safeguard critical business assets. To create a more secure business environment the organization must. You need to protect the customer’s data, basically this means you need to have locks everywhere and password’s that change. You want a system that is port locked down and every firewall to burn to a crisp. It’s impossible to protect against threats you don’t foresee. Being aware of what’s out there is the first step towards securing your business’s information. Certain kinds of threats are more…

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