Essay about Cox container case

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People, Management & Organizations
Course Assignment 1

Problem Identification: 3
Analysis: 4
Alternatives: 8
1.Do Nothing. 8
2.Use a sacrifition sheep: 9
3.Driving changes smoothly and in the welfare of the production department: 9
Recommendations: 11
Plan of actions: 11
Bibliography 13

Problem Identification:
There are quite a good number of problems in the case of CCC, among of which one can define, are the following:
1- Job security for the ethnic minorities who run the workshop for years, while being empowered in the age of Harold Cox, they felt threatened by the introduction of the new management system, that was reflected by the defensive attitude of Aziz and his lack of cooperation which also can be
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They failed to argue that in some cases, the employee(s) have their own agenda and they (employees) are the ones to trigger the resistance.

The centralization of the decision making in CCC allowed the formation of a divisional company organization where Aziz’s team form the major part of it. Having this high autonomy formed a specific organization culture perhaps that Aziz is indispensible and hence he is in control. Such a culture would cause Aziz to be reluctant to accept changes specially after CCC lost some of its competitiveness in the market for few years and yet no complain from Cox and/or the management. Meyers & Martin (1987) suggest that as the organization structure form the organization’s culture and beliefs, so does the leaders of the company. It can be noticed that Cox influenced the idea that the minorities in his company are indispensible, since they support him politically and socially because of their existence in CCC. It can also be noticed that Cox did the interactions with Aziz and the production team on a personal level and hence when changes were mandatory, Aziz opposed it because it did not come from Cox himself and such resistance will not be punished by Cox. It also can be noticed the degree of autonomy in the company when the budgeting scheme is needed, each manager submitted an estimate of expenditure not the actual amount spent the year before or the required budget needed based on the previous year expenditure and the business

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