Courage : The Cowardly Dog Essay examples

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“Courage” is a common word we hear when we talk about someone being very brave or doing something extraordinary to help others in times of difficulty. We hear people and even animals commit acts of courage everyday in the news, radio, and social media, such as firefighters saving babies or dogs dialing 911 for owners in grave danger. Although we often associate the word with amazing feats, courage can also be used for smaller and more personal accomplishments as well, such as taking the responsibility for something that happened or for simply being the bigger person and apologizing. I see courage as having the guts to do something out of one’s own comfort zone for growth and progress or as acts of altruism.
Whenever I hear the word “courage”, I first think about a favorite childhood television show called “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, which is about a timid purple dog that constantly has to fight off monsters and demons to save his owner, Muriel. While ironically his name is Courage, the dog is easily frightened and is always seen initially cowering in fear of whatever creature he encounters. However, as his name suggests, Courage always faces and overcomes adversity to save and protect Muriel from danger. Courage is an excellent example to represent true acts of courage by braving through challenges to help others. While Courage the dog serves as one fictional example on television, there are also real people and animals that perform courageous acts everyday around the…

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