Cotton Gin Industrialised First Essay

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After 1750 there were no wars fought in Britain which was one of the key reasons why Britain industrialised first.

During Britain’s peaceful days, France faced the challenge of the French Revolution, as she had political instability and an unstable economy there wasn’t enough money to invest in the production of factories and inventions.

Britain had the financial stability to invest in building factories and inventions instead of wasting it on military forces.

This influenced new inventions to be made such as the cotton gin, flying shuttle and the threshing machine, which all contributed to the industrialisation of Britain.

Many people were willing to risk their money in starting new factories, most of these were successful,
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What once took one day to be made by hand, now took 10 minutes by a machine in a factory in larger quantities.

Clearly the increasing population of Britain was a key reason why they led the way with modernisation.

PARAGRAPH 3 – Natural Resources
Britain had bountiful quantities of natural resources that made industrialisation possible such as iron ore and coal.

Iron ore was a useful and quantized resource in Britain in the 1800’s, when extracted in large quantities it was first smelted into steel which could be used to build machines railway lines, buildings and bridges which all contributed to the industrialisation of Britain.

Coal was a necessary component for the industrialisation of Britain because it was the power source for the first commercially successful steam locomotive.


Thomas Newcomen’s steam engine assisted in the development of the steam locomotive as the main power source, this new invention changed the way goods were transported throughout Britain.

Without these natural resources being available in large quantities and locally, globally, Britain would not have industrialised

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