Persuasive Essay: The Influence Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery is becoming a popular new trend around the world. To some people, cosmetic surgery helps their self-esteem; to others, it helps make their life a little less complicated. After a long period of time, many problems can occur, especially if there are many surgeries done on the same person. Some people believe that if they have the money for elective surgery, they should be allowed to spend it as they please. Having cosmetic surgery is elective, so why go through the pain and risk of having a surgery that is not needed? According to Kathryn Bayer, Americans alone in 2004 spent over $12.5 billion on cosmetic procedures (17). Today plastic surgery is known as surgical art ( Pecanac 199). A study was conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to find out what the buzz on cosmetic surgery was all about. One reason behind cosmetic surgery popularity is linked to the belief …show more content…
I believe that cosmetic surgery should only be used when trying to help someone live a normal life, or if the person absolutely needs reconstructive surgery after an accident. If this cannot be done, I feel we should put a limit on how many cosmetic surgeries one person can have. In doing this, it will help limit the risk people put on their bodies. Over time, if multiple surgeries are proceeded the risk of complications becomes greater and greater. If a person feels they need a cosmetic surgery bad enough, they should know all the risks they are putting their bodies through before they continue on with the surgery. This would help people understand that the surgery may not accomplish what they dreamed and what possibly could happen if the surgery were to fail. If this law could be passed, people might realize that having unnecessary cosmetic surgeries could change their life for the

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