Cosmetic Surgery Of South Korea Essay

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In South Korea there is a strange dichotomy when it comes to body modification and the ways that citizens may choose to alter their appearance. whether temporarily or permanently. In South Korea as a whole. there is somewhat of a social standard that one is expected to uphold while they move throughout society. This standard is that your looks do not stray too far off from those of the general population. In other words. any modifications should be subtle and virtually unnoticeable. It is for this reason that there is an intense stigma against modifications involving tattoos and piercings but significantly less when it comes to cosmetic procedures.
Body Modification The cosmetic surgery industry in South Korea is so greatly utilized and developed that they have become known as the world’s capital for a majority of cosmetic procedures (Marx. 2015). Within South Korea. generations of citizens have undergone cosmetic surgery of some kind. It has been recorded that citizens spend an average of 30% of their annual income on plastic surgery for themselves or family members (“South Korean Plastic Surgery Statistics You Should Know.” 2016). According to recent statistics. 76% of women between twenty to thirty years of age have had some kind of cosmetic procedure done (“South Korean Plastic Surgery Statistics You Should Know.” 2016). There are some instances of parents sending their children. as young as twelve years of age. to an office to be evaluated for which…

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