Corruption And Manipulation In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Corruption and manipulation have many times been a part of civilizations and countries in history. One of the most remarkable leaders who fits this profile is Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union. George Orwell wrote Animal Farm in order to show his point of view, as a socialist, regarding the Soviet Union, giving us a closer look of how Stalin's rule was affecting the Russians. By creating characters for many relevant figures in the Soviet Union, Orwell was able to create a literary piece of work and a historical one too. In Animal Farm, readers are able to see how an ignorant population and their ideals are vulnerable to a leader who seeks to take advantage of them.
As a starting point, the pigs, who were the leaders in the book, are much more clever and intelligent than the other animals, allowing them to manipulate and deceive the community. Napoleon and Squealer are able to convince the other animals that the one who has been causing all the confusion in the farm is Snowball not themselves. Squealer tells the other animals, "Snowball was in league with Jones from the very start!"
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When analyzing these facts, it becomes plausible that they have the capacity to manipulate an ignorant population. This book is one of many examples in which a population has been taken advantage of by their leader in history. Animal Farm displays what happened during Stalin's rule and how the people were ignorant and easily manipulated by him, which was showed through the animals. However, there are still many places in the world where people's only hope is to trust their leader, and unfortunately, the leader sometimes seizes an opportunity to take advantage of them. By understanding this important theme in the book, we are able to clarify our understanding of this topic and put our knowledge into practice in the

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