Corrections Essay

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Evolution of Corrections
The history of punishment and the development of a system to detain offenders has evolved continuously over the centuries. The implementation of the Pennsylvania and Auburn system has set a foundation for the corrections system we use today. Having inmates perform labor during a prison sentence has contributed to the ongoing change over time of the prison system and in a way that has contributed to the rehabilitation of offenders. One might find it quite interesting to see how society and its evolution has greatly changed the system we use to punish offenders.
History of Punishment
Punishment for wrongful acts have dated back many centuries and could have began shortly after the beginning of the human race.
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History of Prison Development
Separating humans that have committed a crime from the society they are a part of has been a practice that was implemented centuries ago. In the 1600's and 1700's jails were used to house defendants of crimes. The living conditions of these jails were normally based off of the English system of goals. The jails would have men, women, and children living together in filth with little food. The offenders in this type of jail were normally poor due to a bail system that enabled the wealthy to pay a fine to be released.
John Howard (1726-1790) was known as one of the most famous jail reformers. Howard had endured the horrendous conditions of jail first hand after being taken captive by a French privateer. After being paroled to England, Howard became a sheriff responsible for the operation of a jail in England. John Howard wrote, The State of the Prisons in England and Wales in 1777 which educated the public and parliament of the unjust conditions of offenders in jail. John Howard's insights led to the passing of the Penitentiary Act in 1779, providing sanitary structures, frequent inspections, no fees for basic service, and a new era of a reformatory type regime. John Howard's experience and doctrine helped lay the foundation for the establishment of the first prison system in the United

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