Corrections Phase Of The Criminal Justice Process Essay

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After a suspect has gone through the process and was sentenced to be guilty, the next step will be carrying out the sentencing order. This phase of the criminal justice process is called the corrections phase (Travis & Edwards, 2015). There were various components in this corrections phase. This phase includes incarceration, probation, parole and community corrections (Travis & Edwards, 2015). All this components differ from one and another. If a suspect is being sentenced to spend times behind the bar, they belong to the incarceration component of the corrections phase. The criminals that were to be incarcerated will be brought into either prison or jails. Both prisons and jails can be similar yet distinct in their own ways. Prisons are a correctional facility under states or federals that housed felonies that were sentenced for 1 or more years (Travis & Edwards, 2015). On the other hand, jails are local facility that housed people that committed wrongdoings or at different stages of the criminal process (Travis & Edwards, 2015). Jails usually housed people that are imprisoned of misdemeanors and serve sentences of 1 year or less (Travis & Edwards, 2015). Probation happened before imprisonment. It is the convicting the delinquent to community supervision, usually as the consequence of suspending the sentence to imprisonment (Travis & Edwards, 2015). Parole on the other hand, happened to those who are released by the paroling authority and put under community supervision…

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