Correctional Nursing : An Evolving Demographic That Requires Knowledge

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Introduction Correctional nursing has become a specialty in the nursing profession in the past few years (Shoenly, 2015). Although it is a relatively new caring role, it is quickly evolving as an important element of society (Weiskopf, 2004). Correctional nursing includes nurses that contribute to the health improvement of inmates and detainees that are not able to reach heath access outside of their boundaries or are in need of care. According to Weiskopf. (2004), there are more than two million prisoners in the United States, whereas Statistics Canada. (2016) says that there were more than 35 000 inmates in Canadian custody (Reitano, 2003). The importance of exploring Correctional nursing is to identify the impact nurses have in prisons. It is important to explore Correctional nursing as it is an evolving demographic that requires knowledge. The purpose of this research paper is to answer the question, "What is a Corrections nurse and how do they contribute to the overall health and well-being of inmates and detainees?"
Social Impacts of Correctional Nursing Research is important when exploring the roles of Correctional nurses. The first resource that aides in explaining the role of a Corrections nurse is the peer-reviewed academic journal “Research Priorities in Correctional Nursing Practice: Results of a Three-Round Delphi Study” written by Lorry Schoenly (Schoenly, 2015). Lorry is a Registered Nurse, has a PHd, and is a CCHP-RN. These credentials show that the…

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