Essay on Correctional Corruption And Contraband.

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Correctional Corruption and Contraband The U.S. Department of Justice reported in September of 2015 six corrections officers from two correctional facilities in Philadelphia have been charged with suppling drugs and cellular phones to inmates for profit (CrimsiderStaff CBS News). Correctional officers have always been exposed to corruption for personal gain for many years. Not all corrections officers succumb to internal facility corruption, but for those who do degrade not only the facility itself but the correctional system overall. Correctional corruption also includes inappropriate sexual contact between correctional officers and inmates. The problem is most times is human nature, anytime you have people confined day after day with most times individual of opposite gender, the risk of sexual contact rises exponentially. In April of 2005 the Office of the Inspector General produced a report highlighting investigations of sexual abuse reported in the years 2000 and 2004. During this time they investigated 351 cases of sexual abuse in correction facilities finding the following results:
OIG Sexual Abuse Investigations by Gender
FYs 2000-2004 Surprisingly the report found the sexual contact between female staff and male inmates was slightly higher at 47% as opposed to male staff and female inmates at 43% (Office of the Inspector General). With the amount of sexual abuse or contact between correctional staff and inmates, this provides for additional levels for…

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