Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr ) Essay

707 Words Jul 5th, 2016 3 Pages
Most accounting firms still use community involvement on their websites instead of the use of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The firms that use the CSR framework do not have noticeable differences from our community involvement webpage.

A few firms that were starting points for researching firms that used the CSR framework include Padilla & Company, Doeren Mayhew, and Langwasser & Company.
• Padilla & Company only offered a small paragraph that stated their mission about being partners in the community. They also only stated two different not-for-profit organizations that they are heavily involved with and did not state the amount of hours used in volunteering. It was interesting that the firm elaborated on what the two organizations do.
• Doeren Mayhew calls their giving back a “core value”. Their corporate responsibility page only listed three organizations that they have helped out with as examples but did not state a total number of organizations. They also stated their volunteering hours very broadly by stating that the employees donate hundreds of hours of service each year.
• Langwasser & Company listed 15 organizations that they have supported over the years. They did not state the amount of time spent volunteering, but they do donate time and provide financial resources and participate in events for different types of organizations and community projects. An interesting list Langwasser included in their webpage, that Wessel could possibly start including…

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