Essay Corporate Monopoly, And Social Inequality

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Utilizing these growing sentiments was a major platforming piece for Donald Trump who announced his candidacy on June 16th of 2015. The political campaign of a Billionaire Businessman has confused many. Using his wealth, $4.5Billion Dollars according to forbes (Fontichiaro, 2016), Trump appealed to the common citizen by appearing as a philanthropist. One such promise was to “add $400 million USD to support full-day kindergarten"(Fontichiaro, 2016). Following in the aftermath of the great recession promises such as these to improve general standard of living was convincing for many. However when broken down the numbers are not significant as Trump’s donation of $400 million, if true, would provide $100 USD to each kindergartener(Fontichiaro, 2016). Crude comments and personality aside Trump’s political promises to correct the economy and placing blame upon immigration and job emigration were highly appealing. His campaign managed to attract a large audience that was against authoritarianism, corporate monopoly, and social inequality. Drawing on isolationist, and at times racist, platforms Trump created the narrative that the international community, rather than American’s, was to blame. Focusing on immigration specifically, Trump’s early campaign heavily utilized illegal mexicans as the target of the attacks (Ye Hee Lee, 2015). As his campaign progressed his tactics changed considerably to all forms of immigration of all nationalities. This narrative that isolationism is the…

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