Corporal Punishment Policies Around The World Essay

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School is supposed to be a safe environment for everyone to attend, but imagine being subjected to being whipped and hit everyday. According to the Washington Post, as of 2013 19 states in the United States allow corporal punishment although parental permission is required in some of the states, it is surprisingly often given. Today, incarceration is the most modern approach in the judicial system, but that doesn 't mean it’s always the right one. Prisons do not always rehabilitate and stop crime within the prisons and guards can barely keep prisoners out of circulation. There are many issues that come along with incarceration and using corporal punishment could deter some of those problems. Basically, corporal punishment has a time and a place, but it is absolutely not acceptable in schools.
Worldwide, each area has their own viewpoint on corporal punishment. According to the article “Corporal punishment policies around the world” on, thirty one nations across the globe completely banned corporal punishment. About 70 other nations allow corporal punishment in some forms, but have very strict limitations on how it can be applied. The United States has completely prohibited corporal punishment in thirty one of its states and the District of Columbia. This would leave the 19 states in the country that allow corporal punishments to certain degrees. Some states have harsher laws than others. In 1779, Sweden was the first country on the planet that made it completely…

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