Cooking At Home And Eating Out Essay

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Cooking at Home/Eating Out
Eating is a basic need that people typically enjoy. In the past, it was a time to sit down at the table and communicate with the family. Today, people live busier lives and access to food is easily found outside of the home. These days both parents work to support their family; therefore, sitting down and eating a meal is not a priority as it was in the past. These changes are making eating at the table a thing of the past. Cooking at home and eating out will satisfy hunger; however, both differ in convenience, healthiness, and affordability.
In contrast, eating out is more convenient than cooking at home. Due to extracurricular activities, families eat out from a necessity because they simply do not have time to cook. People do not always have time to go and shop at the grocery store, so they just take their family out to eat. Time is a great factor in determining whether to eat out or cook at home. Since there are many types of restaurants to choose from, families can all be satisfied with their meal. Buffets, for example, and several other restaurants have a great variety of food so everyone can get exactly what they want. To accommodate families with a fast paced lifestyle, fast food restaurants are a better choice for them. Cooking at home not only requires time to cook the food, but it also requires having time to buy groceries. Cleaning up after the meal takes even more time because the dishes have to be washed, the food has to be put up,…

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