Cookie Cookies Case Study Solution

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1. For this question I will assume that the rush order is of one dozen cookies, and that it’s the first order of the day meaning that there is no batch of cookies currently in the oven so no waiting time. Additionaly, since it’s a rush order there will be no waiting time between steps.
The total time is of 26 minutes:

Activity Cycle time Capacity
Wash/Mix/Turn On+Spoon on tray 8 minutes 7.5 dozen/hour
Put into oven/ Bake 10 minutes 6 dozen/hour
Take out/ Cool 5 minutes 12 dozen/hour
Pack Cookies+Payment 3 minutes 20 dozen/hour
Total 26 Minutes 6 dozen/hour (bottleneck)
2. I am assuming that 3 orders of 1 dozen were placed in advance so the cookie dough was made for 3 batches, this will show the maximum amount of dozens of cookies that could be baked in four hours. Referring to the GANTT Chart The first dozen of cookies can be made in 26 minutes. However above that the second dozen will not be in 26 minutes since some for the processes multiple batches can be made at the same time. Once the first batch is spooned onto the tray, the roommate starts the baking process, but Kristen can
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Simple changes could be made to make the process easier and maybe cheaper. For example only accepting orders during the day and making them at night would allow the roomates to predict how many orders are needed and would enable them to use the mixer to its full capacity producing 3 batches every time. However since the current bottleneck is the oven that would have to analyzed in order to see if the process can go faster by chaning it. Currently the maximum amount of cookies in an hour is 6 dozen because of the bottleneck. If a second oven is added that would make the capacity 12 dozen per hour and the new bottleneck would be the washing, mixing and spooning process which would be 7.5 dozen per hour. Therefore adding a new oven would actually only increase the capacity by 25%. the amount willing to pay should be less than the extra profit generated by the 5 dozen extra per

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