Conversion Therapies : Can Homosexuals Be Converted? Into Heterosexuality?

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Conversion Therapies: Can Homosexuals be “converted” into Heterosexuality? With Donald Trump as the newly elected President, the United States has also acquired Mike Pence as a Vice President. These officials have expressed strong opinions about women, ethnicities, the LGBTQ community, and other minorities during their campaign. Needless to say, as a homosexual Hispanic male, I am terrified as to what is to come of these next four years, especially after Mike Pence has made it clear that he advocates for conversion therapies, also known as reparative therapies, as a method of converting homosexuals into heterosexuality. My role is to research the effectiveness and the data behind these practice, and evaluate whether or not conversion therapies are feasible conversion methods. For starters, what exactly is conversion therapy? “Conversion therapy is not a mainstream psychological treatment, there are no professional standards or guidelines for how it is conducted” (1). Since there are no set regulations on it, there is a wide array of intensities this practice can be conducted with. It can range from “aversion therapy, such as shocking patients or giving them nausea-inducing drugs while showing them same-sex erotica”, to “psychoanalysis or talk therapy, estrogen treatments to reduce libido in men, and even electroconvulsive therapy, in which an electric shock is used to induce a seizure, with side effects such as memory loss”.
 Claim: Gay conversion therapy… helps gay…

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