Conversation Between The Counselor And Addict Essay

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Conversational Counseling
Conversation between the counselor and addict would integrate the addict’s experience of pure consciousness during the practice of Transcendental Meditation and his/her experience of the truths contained within Practical Philosophy. Conversational Counseling would facilitate the growth and sustainability of the experience of pure consciousness beyond the practice of Transcendental Meditation allowing pure consciousness to be experienced within daily life. This integration is essential so that the basis of permanent recovery from addiction is established within the addict. The writer has termed this counseling activity Conversation Counseling to be distinguished from traditional forms of individual and group therapy wherein the focus is on dealing with specific surface issues that the addict faces arising from their addictive behavior. From the writer’s experience, a typical addict’s issues could include the following:
Biological/Physiological: Chemical Dependence, Medical and Mental Health.
Safety and Security: Educational/Vocational and Legal.
Love and Belonging: Relationships, Social and Spirituality.
Existing treatment modalities make intense use of individual and group psychotherapy sessions in order to attempt to resolve each addict-specific-issue. Psychotherapy is a general term for treating mental health problems including the abuser of alcohol and drugs by talking with…

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