Jackie Robinson's Impact On Society

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On April 15, 1947, a young man from Georgia stepped onto the field, he made history. Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player who starred in the major leagues from 1947 to 1957. What made his career special was he was extraordinary at the game as well as being the first African American to play the game. He played with the Brooklyn Dodgers as well as the Kansas City Monarchs in the “Negro League”. This is important because Jackie Robinson led the way for many other African Americans to not only integrate baseball, but many other sports as well. Over the rest of his life after baseball, Jackie also made an effort to integrate sports as well as other things such as jobs and housing for African Americans. Jackie Robinson contributed to society by overcoming adversity brought to him, improving the quality of an average African American life, and trying to integrate the world of sports. Being the first African American to play the great game of baseball, there will be adversity, and this is just what Jackie received. Although most people would collapse and fall when pressured this much, Jackie persevered and overcame the adversity to become an all time great baseball player. This is important in his career because it largely shaped his character and it …show more content…
Being the first of his kind to play the game brings a big responsibility to the table. The claims and examples shown above only back up what Jackie Robinson contributed to society by showing that he made history and he laid down the foundation for further integration in the world of sports as we know it. By overcoming adversity, improving quality of African American life after his retirement, and pursuing to integrate the world of sports are reasons how Jackie Robinson contributed to society. Without the immense amount of work and dedication shown by Jackie, the world may as well be very different then it is now due to the relations between

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