The Relationship Between Quentin In The Sound And The Fury

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William Faulkner wrote The Sound and the Fury, a novel that consists of four narrators that tell the same story in different perspectives. Quentin, being one of the most challenging characters to comprehend, is dissected by Vickery in “The Sound and the Fury: A Study in Perspective”. Vickery writes that Quentin 's section revolves around abstractions, yet Vickery does not state why she favors abstractions to individuals. Quentin prefers ideas to people because they are easier to manipulate in his head.
Quentin sees many wrongs done by the people he loves, especially to Caddy. Quentin wants to manipulate others into doing what he believes is right, but no matter how much he tries, the ones he love are too independent to see their errors. When
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People are something Quentin can advise but not control. Quentin even used the abstraction of committing incest with his sister Caddy to pacify the anger from the boys Caddy loves. Quentin keeps reminding himself about “death at the salt licks” to tell himself that Caddy can change. Quentin used the word “death” to signify the manipulation he has on his ideas and the potential of abstractions to collapse under reality(95,102). Salt blocks are used to lure deer and in this context it is something to ensnare the boys Caddy loves. When Quentin tries to suppress Dalton Ames physically, he fails. However, he tells himself “yes I can tell him I can make him believe anytime I can make him…”(163). Quentin uses ideas to make himself feel in control and thus proving that abstractions are easier to manipulate than individuals. Then Quentin comes to perceive the understanding that he can control his abstractions “anytime” he wants to and “he will believe me”(162). Quentin puts into motion the theory that man is complex and obscure, but thoughts can be shaped into anything he so desires. The veil between reality and fantasy starts becoming transparent. Quentin noticed that if he can manipulate thoughts then he can manipulate people. When Quentin told Caddy to “say his name Dalton Ames” he “felt the first surge of blood there it surged in strong accelerating beats”(163). Quentin was taking the …show more content…
He felt that controlling people was too complicated and realized that ideas were easier to manipulate. Quentin saw the imperfection in his family, so he lived in a made-up world to escape the flaws he sees. The veil between reality and fantasy started to get more and more transparent. Thus, Quentin killed himself to correct himself. Quentin tries to control himself, a person, even though he knew that people are too independent. Quentin, in the end, understands that abstractions are easier to manipulate in his head.Quentin 's efforts to control others not only helped him see that ideas are easier to manage but also helped him realize that life signifies

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