Essay on Contents Of The Dead Man 's Pocket

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Ernie Pyle once said, ¨At last we are in it up to our necks, and everything is changed, even your outlook on life.¨ In Finney´s short story, Contents of the Dead Man 's Pocket, he clearly demonstrates how much a dramatic experience can really change a person. Jack Finney uses Tom to convey the theme from his story which the aid of literary devices and various conflicts in Tom 's way. In the beginning, Tom valued nothing more than the project that would lead him down a successful road at work, all the meanwhile neglecting his full attention to his wife. Through the course of the story, Tom must face the consequences of his actions after chasing behind the highly valued paper. On his journey to get back into his apartment safely, his perspective changes for the better. The author uses the most intriguing conflicts to throw Tom 's way as he reaches a climatic change in personality as the story closes to an end. In Jack Finney 's short story, ¨Contents of the Dead Man 's Pocket,¨ he uses the protagonist´s various struggles to demonstrate that the conflicts a person faces in life can change their outlook on their priorities.

Tom´s confrontation against the natural elements of the world, restrain him in his pursuit of fulfilling his motivations since the beginning of the story. The darkness of the night is a conflict in Tom 's way that he attempts to overcome. ¨He saw the yellow sheet, dimly now in the darkness outside, lying on the ornamental ledge a yard below the window¨ (7).…

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