Essay on Content, Accuracy, Quality Of Writing

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The list in our case; content, Accuracy, Quality of writing, depth, homepage, author, sponsor, date, documentation and the type of the website.
When reviewing the credibility of a source of information, it is good to ask oneself if the information is factual or not. It may be just an opinion. The question to ask here is whether the site provides original information or not. Many a times, sites are important in the provision of full information. In cases where the site only has links to another website can be frustrating to use. This is because it is hectic all the times changing the search site.
A major question to ask oneself here is whether the information provided on the website is accurate. The best way to go about checking the accuracy of the web site is cross checking the information against another known website or another source document that you have a thorough knowledge of it. The reason for this being the websites nowadays are marketing platforms, and, therefore, they can be politically or ideological biased.
Quality of the writing
An important question to ask oneself is whether the text is well written or not. Multimedia and hyper-texting is an important aspect of a website and the cases whereby the writing of the website is not proper, it is advisable to become wary.
An important question to ask for when checking for the credibility of a source. The site should provide a lot of information in depth so that all the information to be…

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