Contemporary Asian Studies Final Exam Essay

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Contemporary Asian Studies Final Exam

(675)Question 1:

In Anderson’s text, the comment made by Ernest Gellner defines the important difference between the falsity of the national identity in contrast with the “imagined’ national identity in terms of creating a nation state. After the comment made by Gellner is critically evaluated on the semantics of nationalism in regards to the issue of nationality as a being a false basis for nationalism, yet within Anderson’s own critique of this identity as a form of creative expression of “style” that forms this basis for nationalism:
In this way he implies that ‘true’ communities exist which can be advantageously juxtaposed to nations. Communities are to be distinguished, not by their falsity/genuineness, but by the style in which they are imagined .
In this manner, Anderson is re-defining the perceived ulterior motives of national identity that Gellner assumes is a “false” or “true” identity, which is then deferred in favor of a less dualistic and judgmental view of national-state identity that emerges as a creative process. This view of the formation of national identity removes the source of nationalism as a conscious act in which an individual or group made a specific choice about this cultural process. Certainly, Anderson reveals the process in which national identity is formed over a long period of time and through a slow and gradual creative process in the formation of nationalism.
On example used by Anderson to describe…

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