Consumption Ingrained Influencing The Modern Human Society Essay examples

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Nowadays, the consumption ingrained influencing the modern human society; there are several ways to explain the circumstance. Fiske states that “It is also worth nothing not only that the pleasures of control are found in the ownership of commodities through which people can create or modify the context of everyday life and thus many of the meanings it bears, but also that the consumer’s moment of choice is an empowered moment” (Fiske, 2011). Consumption, which is the foundation of continuing human’s lifes. He demonstrates that ‘shopping’ is the behavior for customers to enjoy and evolve into retails. And owing a product can make people feeling satisfaction of control one thing. This essay will investigate how and in which ways the society psychological absorbing people to purchase products; and what kind of situation that people would not to owning a commodity. Finally define the limitation of pleasure that consumption can bring to us and how find the balance between our life and consumption is important.

First of all, what is consumption? According to Fiske’s (2011) description, consumption is like a religion and commodities symbolize icon to follow, in which buying products is the rituals to keep believing in this religion. This is easily to describe the connection between consumption and customers as a logical structure. By combining votaries together to doing the ritual, department store is like a cathedral to proving a space for it. To use the other way to explain…

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