Consumers as Co-Producers Essay

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Amplify the view that consumers are co-producers.
Production refers the processes and methods used to transform tangible inputs (raw materials, semi-finished goods, subassemblies etc.) and intangible inputs (ideas, information, knowledge etc.) into goods or services. Co-production thus reflects a conscious strategic decision by consumers to become involved in production-like activities. In other words, it refers to the involvement of consumers in the various value creating activities through which products or services are made. The following accounts for some of the reasons why consumers are considered as co-producers.
In the first place, consumers are considered as co-producers because they undertake the consumer
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As consumers purchased an unfinished product, the quality of the final product depends on them. This implies a total shift in responsibility for the finishing of the product from the producer to the consumer. A very good example is where consumers purchase component parts of furniture at a reduced cost and assembles it into a complete piece of furniture. Again, when the consumer purchase a desktop computer, the need for assembling the component parts (that is, the system unit, monitor, mouse etc.) arises. When s/he does this, s/he actually creates value for him or herself, and can thus be regarded as a co-producer.
Furthermore, consumers who involve themselves in the design of their desired products are co-producers. Consumers are no longer passive, as they play an active role in the design and customization of their desired products. Designing involves an active interaction and adaptation between consumers and producers aimed at meeting consumers’ specific needs in the best and most effective way. Co-production in design appears to be driven by changes in the perceptions of the benefits resulting from the process such as more individualized solutions, changes in situational variables and the capabilities of both the consumer and producer. Co-production in design is most effective in the fashion industry.
Also, consumers are co-producers because they take over the provision of services for

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