Consumerism Is The Heart And Driving Force With Capitalist Societies

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Since the ending of the second World War in 1945, political and technological advancements have allowed a global trade and economic system on a wider scale than the time of the Industrial revolution with its steamships and telegraphs. (Reilly 1089-190) It has been stated that globalization since the Cold War in 1989, is largely a product of the capitalism which begin dates back to the middle 19th century. An aspect of this global capitalism is global integration that has prominently been driven by the global market for the last twenty to forty years. But, with all movement some aspects have enhanced the world population standard of living while others had negative consequences. Consumerism is the heart and driving force with capitalist societies. 50% of the multinational corporations are based within four global nations; the United States of America, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland. 500 multinational corporation make up roughly 80% of the world’s goods trade and almost the same amount of investing power. (Hetata Dollarization) The spread of these corporate giants can be attributed to the modern media. As Hetata states” Children, youth, and adults are now being programmed are being programmed after they are born in the global culture through the media”. The media plays an important role in the spread of the global culture. Media is used to expand the numbers of consumers, ensuring what they buy and what is sold to them, developing what the consumers “feels” or…

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