Consumer Behavior And Consumer Culture Essay

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Since the development of mass-production in the late 1800s, consumer culture was born. Through the analysis of consumer behaviour, shops were able to influence what their customers buy. Consumer behaviour is defined as the study of customers and the methods that they take to choose a product or service. Marketers spend millions of dollars in the research of consumer behaviour and the creation of consumer strategies. When a customer enters a store today, they are surrounded by an abundance of products, which then prompts a sense of scarcity. Companies use marketing strategies to encourage their customers to turn their wants into ‘needs’. Through these strategies, the companies are able to increase the sales on their products. This is how small businesses are able to become wealthy global industries, such as IKEA and McDonald’s.
IKEA is a Swedish furniture store who has become a globally recognised company through the use of many consumerism strategies. As of 2004, IKEA had more than 200 stores in 32 countries. IKEA also sells approximately 12,000 different products, this attracts a large number of customers who are refurbishing their homes. IKEA set up display rooms with different themes and the stores are laid out so that customers are virtually forced to see each room. These display rooms encourage customers to refurbish an entire room instead of only a single product. Many IKEA stores also have Swedish restaurants and a play area for children to be dropped off while…

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