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Consumed by Darkness “You know, I want to burn your face off, so that no one else can see your beauty.” He said completely straight faced. It was one of those times that you knew he wasn’t joking and that scared me. The first time I ever noticed him, was the day he walked up to me when I was working at my high school’s pool as a Lifeguard. He had been in swimming that whole evening during my shift and I didn’t really think much of it. At some point, he had hopped out the pool and took a seat around the edge of the pool. Minute’s went by and I never even noticed this guy just staring at me from the other side of the deep dark waters. Next thing I knew, there is a guy standing next to my lifeguard stand. When looking down at him from where I was sitting, he had short thick brown hair with his deep brown eyes looking right at me. “Hi, how are you doing tonight? I said, sounding full of energy, as I did to all of the other swimmers.
“I’m doing good, how are you doing?” He said a little shaky. “I’m pretty good. It’s been a long day and I’m ready to get out of here. Did you have a nice swim?” Also I’m not sure I know your name?” I said, still sounding bubbly.

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“Yeah, the swim went alright. It’s mainly to work out my shoulders. My name is Mason and your Kayla right?” He said, as though it was a daily routine for him.
“Well that’s a good way to help out your shoulders. Nice to meet you. Yeah I’m Kayla.” I said. That was the day my life took a shocking turn…

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