Adversity Reflection

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The holocaust was a devastating time in history that affected many people. The main character and author of the book Night witnessed the horror of the holocaust first hand from 1942 to 1945. Depending on the person and what they have personally been through their reactions to their faith can change drastically. Adversity and devastation can have different effects on people because they react differently, just because someone reacts one way does not mean everyone will react the same way. The reason people are strengthened or destroyed by adversity, depends on their personal experiences, how they view things, and the people around them. There are different reasons that Elie responded the way he did, his personal experiences, how people viewed …show more content…
This is a hard topic to support since everyone is different and it varies greatly person to person. In one example is of Viktor Frankl, he went through the same things as Elie but had an entirely different outlook on his situation. He explained that he didn 't crumble because he found a purpose and let that carry him through. A purpose could be made from a person or idea that the person may have. Of the time Ellie was in the camp, the people around him, primarily his father, kept him alive, because he had a reason to keep living. It would also depend on the person 's personality before the incident, someone outgoing like Viktor, took his experiences and used them to teach the world after the incident. During the holocaust many survivors tell how people were stripped of their humanity, being dehumanized, but many such as Viktor Frankl took their adversity and turned it into an enemy they had to defeat. They focused on something and made it their reason to live and that gave them strength to keep going as Frankl says here: “In some ways suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice (Frankl).” He gave himself a purpose. He says at one point during one of his interviews that his wife was a large factor, and that if he knew that she was dead, he probably wouldn 't have made it. Being an optimist in such a dark time would also help a lot, while being a pessimist would destroy you. So all in all, it depends on the person and what they choose to focus on, if they will make the adversity into an enemy they have to defeat, and if they find a purpose to

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