Constitution And The Bill Of Rights Essay

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Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Kimberly Fike, Timmie Brown, Vanessa Lin, Cassidy Anderson

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I asked Walker if we could use the question - answer format we currently have, and she said
"I really don 't want the questions because the paragraphs should speak for themselves. Ideally, once all the paragraphs are written, you could add a transition sentence to each and have a "paper" that summarizes the entire project.

I suggest you take out the questions and just make sure the first sentence of your paragraph restates enough of the topic to be clear to the reader."
So add transitions between paragraphs.

As the Americans were creating their new government they kept in mind the features of the government they did not want. They wanted to ensure that their government was far from the monarchy that Britain had by trying to make a weak central government. Another feature that the Americans did not want in their new government was unequal representation. They despised the lack of representation they had in Parliament, and as they created their new government they tried to keep it different from Parliament to avoid future obstacles.
While keeping the unwanted features in mind, they also kept their desired features in mind to create the ideal government for the thirteen states. One feature they wanted to have…

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