Consequences Of The Industrial Revolution

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In the Industrial Revolution, there are positive and negative effects on the economic and social life. In the Industrial Revolution some proletariat might think that it might be a positive consequence of the industrialization. In this case there are many positive effects going on like there are extra jobs and people are getting more than paid back then. However, the population now has the ability to purchase items instead of doing everything yourself and getting hurt from making it. However,these men and women have the ability to a bunch of positive effects now in this generation then back then. We now have mutual-aid societies, which are a positive effect and back, then it took doctors forever to aid a person. There are so many positive consequences of the Industrial Revolution.

In addition, The industrial Revolution, there was a bunch of men and women would be working all day and would have the ability
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Kids were harm to keep them from attending school provided being told to work and make money for the family. “ Lewis Hine worked as the photographer for the National Child Labor Committee(NCLC)” (Document 8). The positive effect helps to support family, helped in the increased production of factories, and provides help to lead child labor laws. Also,these kids worked at an early age, such as 4 or 5 years old. “It all had started in 1908-1912 “(Document 8). Child Labor was created so that children would help their families with money for the rent and food. Children were in danger of working in the factories. They also had to comprise rules such as take off their shoes and fold their clothing. “ Child Labor was in American industry in an effort to support the effort to end the practice”(Document 8). The children worked very hard such as that they can make money to bring home. These were very important stuff the children had to follow or they would take the risk of getting

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