Catholic Reformation: Consequences Of The Protestant Reformation

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Cameron Peters
Nicholas McEntire
21 November 2017
Consequences of the Catholic Counter-Reformation The Catholic Counter-Reformation can be looked at in two different ways. The first way is as a response, or “Counter-Reformation,” to the Protestant Reformation that was happening around the same time in the early sixteenth century (Britannica n.p.). The other way is of a reformation that sprung up from the Catholic Church itself as a result of criticism of the Renaissance popes and many of the clergy (Collinson, 105) (Britannica n.p.). People who take to this school of thought would refer to it as the “Catholic Reformation.” English historian A.G. Dickens put it best saying, “Was it not quite obviously both?” (Collinson, 105).
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However, there is one undeniably positive that came from it as well, which was the Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits. The Jesuits were started by two men who met while studying in Paris. Those two men were Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavier (Matthews, 316). The Jesuits started and Spain and were officially recognized by Pope Julius III in 1550 (Matthews, 316). Since then, the Jesuits would go on to have a momentous role in both church reform and missionary activities. Something unique about the Jesuits was that all of the members were scholarly and well-disciplined in their spiritual life. Now, instead of military conquest, the goal had become missionary outreach (Matthews, 316). The Jesuits went on to convert boundless amounts of people all over the world to Catholicism, most notably in Japan and China (Matthews, 316-317). Jesuits are also known for building vast amounts of schools all over the world. They serve more than 3,500 students from around 120 different countries, on six continents (“Jesuits n.p.). For all of the negative changes brought on by the Catholic Counter-Reformation, the Jesuits are absolutely a great and positive one that the Catholic Church can be proud …show more content…
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