Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy In Mississippi

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Teen Pregnancy in Mississippi
Mississippi’s teenage pregnancy rate has been ranked one of the highest, for many years.
Getting pregnant is putting life at risk because no one ever knows what will happen during or after the pregnancy. For teenagers, getting pregnant can cause some complications to the one carrying the baby and to the baby. There are ways to avoid teenage pregnancy such as increasing education in schools about abstinence, having protection if being sexually active, and being more socially involved with friends and enjoy being a teenager because one gets to be a teenager only once. Teenagers who are sexually active should be informed about these three ways to avoid pregnancy.
Increasing sex education (abstinence) in schools
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Teenagers do not know the consequences of being sexually active and sex education can inform those who need to know. Teenage girls should see that not every pregnancy will be an easy one as in, some pregnancies ends up being so complicated some pregnant women have to be in bed rest as early as seven months. Other complications like having gestational diabetes while pregnant, having premature birth, having high blood pressure, etc. Women who have gestational diabetes have to be careful on what she is eating, only until the end of the pregnancy because gestational diabetes occurs only in pregnant women. Every pregnancy is different than one another. Women experience pregnancy differently. Teenage girls should think about the consequences that may occur during or after the pregnancy before having sex. Enforcing sex education in school may have an impact on decreasing the pregnancy rate in the state of Mississippi. Early pregnancy is definitely life threatening because teenage girls are not developed as much as older women …show more content…
This probably will not help because when socializing with friends, it can turn in to relationships which can lead to probably lead to being sexually active with one another. If parents are strict and will not let teenagers do what he/she wants to do then maybe teenage pregnancy rates in Mississippi will have a huge decrease. Parents do play a role when a teenager gets pregnant as well. Some parents do not care what the teenager do and let 's the teenager have a whole lot of freedom such as letting the teenager go out and about with boyfriend/girlfriend and possibly letting one spend a night at boyfriend/girlfriend’s house. Letting teenager couples stay the night at each other’s house is definitely a ticket to making a baby. Letting teens socialize with one another is probably less likely to make an impact on decreasing teen pregnancy rates in the state of Mississippi but it is one way to try and prevent pregnancy and just enjoy being a

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