Essay On Norms: How Do We Know When They Are Broken

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Norms: How Do We Know When They Are Broken. Norms are what people expect others to do. In society people believe that people should behave a certain way. There is a lot of different norms that can be broken some are taken more seriously than the others. For example, Folkways are not strictly enforced, but mores are definitely enforced. Mores are enforced because they are ideologies that are imposed due to the fact that they are fundamentals of the group. Beside norms there is also values which is how people define what is good or bad. When people break norms, they get different reactions from everyone. One reaction is sanctioning; sanctions are expressions given to people who violate norms. This past month I observed and did a norm violation. …show more content…
If violated mores weren’t so strict with there consequences, the world would probably be a disaster. A lot of people violate mores, but knowing the consequences that happens when you violate it makes people not want to do violate mores. Mores make societies a better and peaceful place. Apart from mores values are also important to society because they shape who we are and who we will become. Values influence us in everyway; without values we wouldn’t know what it is that we want. A lot of people ask what is a norm? well a norm is the way we are supposed to act. When I tell people this they always say well how are we supposed to “act” and I always give them examples of folkways and mores. Norms are really significant to society because it is always in the back of our heads everywhere we go. Norms help us understand how we should act in certain places. With norms comes sanctions; Both positive and negative sanctions are significate to society because they remind people of what is expected whether it’s a good sanction or bad sanction. When it’s a good sanction, people will think to their selves that they should keep doing what they are doing and when it’s a bad sanction it reminds people that what they are doing is bad. Everyone has different norms and values, but we should all follow what we think is ethical to

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